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Soooo.... I was tagged by a great Artist :huggle: ( with this:
13 questions tagSooo I got tagged by RedSpinel24
•Answer these Questions
•To the person I tagged
•Answer them all before Feb, 1, 2017
•Dont say "Don't do tag"
•You can tag back
•Tag 13 People
•Answer in your journal.
1. What's your favorite music genre, if you have one?
I don't. I listen whatever suits me at the moment. When I'm painting, the music must harmonize with a mood of the painted artwork.

2. What fandom are you most involved in? And why?
Mmh... probably none. But I sure do like Skyrim and My Little Pony, so maybe some of those?
3. Of my OCs, which is your most favorite? And why?
Kristine, because I won the contest with drawing of her I am a dummy!
4. Do you prefer drawing digitally or traditionally?
spaz kermit
5. If you could change one thing about your life, what would it

This is actually the first time I'm doing something like this so,
Thank you Hug :happybounce: :D (Big Grin) 
•Answer these Questions
•To the person I tagged
•Answer them all before Feb, 1, 2017
•Dont say "Don't do tag"
•You can tag back
•Tag 13 People
•Answer in your journal.

here I go:

1. Do you like answering questions? 
Well, since I'm a rather privat and reserved (though not shy, really) Person, it depends on the question and who's asking but generally, if the one who has asked me is willing to listen to me, yeah sure ^^

2. Do you think our dreams are somehow connected with awake life? In what way?  
I think... yes,yes they most likely are.
Dreams are the Brains way of processing the thoughts and experiences one had during the day which is way after a thraumatic experience it's coomon to have nightmares about it.
I'm not sure it has been scientifically proven, but pretty sure that's how it works.Panda Emoji-09 (We're sleeping) [V1] 

3. Who is your hero?  
There are no true Heros, in my opinion.
Don't get me wrong there are lots and lots of great People but for me it's just impossible to define a hero.
There are People I admire and respect buuut that's it...

4. What's the strangest thing you've ever eaten?
Not a fan of strange Food... maybe that oddly intimidating plate of flour/ tomato/chees/marmalade baked over pineapple Pizza, that a Family member tried to feed me... It looked Kind alive... ^^; 
Just kidding... ;) Someone at School once gave me goat flesh or something and compelled me to eat it, that'd have to be the strangest.

5. If you'd die now and become a ghost, who'd you haunt most preferably?
Should I get murdered, than I'd just love to have a conversation with whoever killed me.
In case I commit suicide I'll haut someone who'd try to kill themselves to stopp them from doing so
and if it's an accident...dunno... that one dude from gradeschool who hit me, I was six years old, that d***head would get what was commin' to him.Ghost Avatar :graveyard: 

6. Do you like coffee?
YES!!!! I think my blood is about 80% caffein by now, coffe is my life source!!:coffeecup: rvmp  (Do you know twin Peaks? a nice Cup of coffee!!)  

7. Do you prefer snowy  or rainy days?  
rainy! I'm Kinda depressed, like always, nothing I hate more than the sun...and rain is awsome!

8. What are the 3 things in nature you find most beautiful?
A clear nightsky without a moon, Fire and an orange glowing street lantern in a Grey, snowy street. (I'm pretty specific aren't I? ^^)

9. Someone you really admire and why?  
Albert Einstein, he's a Genius and has made some amazing discoveries, he's made a real Impact. (Also lots of great artists, but there too many to list here)

10. What was your favorite toy as a kid?  
never really had one, a plush seal but that wasn't really a toy.

11. 3 things you cannot live without?  
Water, Food, air (obviously, but if that's not whaat you meant)then:
Artsupplies (digital and traditonal), Music, technology

12. What's your perfect pizza?
only cheese and tomatos... I'm boring, huh?

13. Did you know you need to give Quindayo a llama?  
No,no I did not know that ;)

I tag These awsome people: nicolasbahamondes.deviantart.c…

My questions:
1. If you don't belive time travel will ever be possible, skip this. If you do then why do you think there are no People from the future here?Time Traveling Llama 
2. Do you have any experiences with mental health issuses (too personal? I've never done this before...)
3. What Kind of nightmares do you have? you prefer Cartoons (like gravity falls, star vs the Forces of evil, danny phantom) or series like: Dr. who, supernatural, lucifer or both? neither?Mystery twins 2 gravity falls icon (broken) Mystery twins 1 gravity falls icon (broken) 
5. good premise/Story and weak characters or weak premise/Story and strong characters and good interactions?Hug 
6. Have you ever been bullied? When, why, how?
7. What do you think is more popular with most people? summer or winter? you belive in ghosts/the supernatural? can you explain it?Ghost Avatar Popcorn Ghost Child Emoticon 
9.Did you ever want to be an actor/actress or a singer?
10.Have you ever written or started to write a book?
11.Do you prefer to spend time with introverts or extroverts?
12. Do you belive eyes are the window to the Soul?shifty eyes 
13. Comedy or Drama?

If you wanna know about me just write something like 'what about you?' behind your answer ^^


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Uhhh, no, Do you?
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Yup :/ same username as my dA
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You like it? I mean is it fun and usefull?
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Thanks, I'm flattered you bother to congratulate me^^ :huggle:
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